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Free 25 YEZ for only YEZ Wallet registration at 

 Optionally 250 YEZ Airdrop for the first 10K who complete the KYC registration and the tasks mentioned below.

 Required documents for registration:
 1. Government issued photo ID
 2. Passport or driver's license (if neither is available, use utility bill)
 3. Take a selfie while holding your ID

 Required tasks:
 1. Join our telegram group (
 2. Like, follow our and and share with #yezcoinairdropKYC250 (please post a screenshot in
 3. Like, subscribe to and share with #yezcoinairdropKYC250 (please post a screenshot in
 4. Provide a NEO wallet public address (create a free web wallet at
 5. Signup for an account with your email at (please note to use the same language as your Gov.   photo ID)
 6. Complete the KYC & AML registration ( and post a screenshot in